Podcast Host and Agriculturist Wambui Mbichi

Kenyan podcast host and agriculturist Wambui Mbichi
Photo credit: Wambui Mbichi

Podcast Host and Agriculturist Wambui Mbichi

Wambui Mbichi is the founder and host of Farm to Table Podcast KE; a platform that shines a light on innovations within Kenyan food systems as well as neighboring countries.

A native of Kenya, Wambui admits to being a picky eater while growing up. When she was 9 years old, her family purchased an home in more of the a rural part of the country that came with a sustainable amount of land. It was then that her parents began doing some light farming.

When Wambui meet other children in the area who didn’t have enough food to eat, she says this is when she began being drawn to agriculture as such a young age.

Her interest agriculture would continue to grow as she attended college first for her bachelor’s and followed by her master’s that included agriculture research.

She is passionate about finding ways to mitigate climate change and creating ways for others to flourish off the land they farm and harvest.

It’s a short and information conversation that will take you inside the country’s top crops, the impact of the climate crisis and how she uses her platform to amplify important food conversations.

For more about her work, you can follow her on Instagram and also tune in to Farm to Table Podcast KE for past and new episodes.

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