Restauranteur and Chef Nigel Spence

Chef Nigel Spence
Photo credit: Ripe Kitchen & Bar

Restauranteur and Chef Nigel Spence

For more than 20 years, chef Nigel Spence has dedicated his career to serving authentic Jamaican cuisine at Ripe Kitchen & Bar in Mount Vernon, NY.

Born and raised in Jamaica, chef Nigel Spence is a ball of laughter to anyone who comes into contact with him. After immigrating to New York during his youth, eventually he found his way to food, carrying on some of the classic Jamaican dishes cooked by his family. But it would be jerk that would put his name on the map.

He began to perfect his culinary craft while attending the Culinary Institute of American at Hyde Park in New York while landing an internship at the Food Network which he also freelanced at after graduating.

In 2003, he opened Ripe Kitchen & Bar in Mount Vernon and soon was known as the neighborhood spot for good food and great vibes.

Today, the celebrated New York chef has just added a few new menu items to his newly rennovated restaurant that continues to well-known among neighbors and fellow Caribbeans. In this episode, he is sharing about his humble beginnings, lessons learned as a restaurant owner and most importantly, he lets us in on what makes a good jerk recipe.

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