Lifestyle Influencer and Cookbook Author Karen Landry

Karen Landry-Williams
Photo credit: Shagari Gerard

Lifestyle Influencer and Cookbook Author Karen Landry

Karen is a southern girl with a love of food, travel and wellness. A bit of a travel junkie, many know Karen as a past cast member on the show, “Married At First Sight.” Now living in New Orleans, the Louisiana native also loves to explore new places and cultures.

Her dream life (which she intends to create for herself) is one that allows her to practice self-care and a healthy lifestyle, while traveling and being able to showcase her love of food – both cooked by her and cooked for her!

“It was truly southern-style food. We had red beans on Monday with fried chicken. My grandmother was making collard greens all the time, which I absolutely love collard greens because of her. She was like the first person to show me how to wash them and pick them and all of that. And when I was a little girl, I used to always go to the farmers markets with her and we would always pick out what type of vegetable and fruit we were gonna have,” she says about growing up.

These days when Karen is not traveling, you can catch her on Instagram and TikTok making some of her favorite meals as well as creating new ones. In this episode, she is sharing her favorite ingredients and the dish she would prepare if one day she found herself competing against Bobby Flay.

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