Creative Cakes and Baking Influencer Joi Kyles

Joi Kyles of Joi Filled Delights
Photo credit: Duane Kyles

Creative Cakes and Baking Influencer Joi Kyles

If you have never heard of realistic cakes, you’ll want to follow South Carolina entrepreneur and baker Joi Kyles.

A baking enthusiast since high school, Joi knew from an early age that creating amazing sweets from cakes, cookies and more would be the career path she wanted to pursue launching Joi-Filled Delights while in high school.

Over the years, she became a big fan of the realistic cake phenomenon, eventually unleashing her creative juices to design cakes that are a sweet replica of macaroni and cheese, pizza, luxury handbags and more.

The Columbia native won 1st place at Cupcakes and Cocktails with a holiday-themed display at the state fair in 2018 and in 2019, made her national television debut on Cooking Channel’s “Freakshow Cakes” where she competed for a chance to win $10,000.

With a “joy” for continuing to grow her God-given gift, Kyles also enjoys teaching others the art of baking and can be found on her TikTok page sharing tips as well as working with national brands. You can also catch her creating client favorites on her YouTube channel.

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