Afrofuturism Through Food with Eat the Culture

Afrofuturism Through Food with Eat the Culture

In celebration of Black History Month this past February, Cuisine Noir Magazine teamed up with Eat the Culture, a collaborative of Black food bloggers, for a fun and engaging discussion titled Afrofuturism Through Food to talk about the intersection of food with culture, politics, technology and more, all through a Black lens.

What is Afrofuturism and why is it something to think about. “When I think of that term, I will kick it off, I think of reimagine.  I think of reclaiming, right.  Reclaiming a narrative. Changing a negative narrative, telling a new narrative,” shares Sheree Williams, editor of Cuisine Noir.

Freedom of expression through food is why most food bloggers do what they do.  Add on the ability to show up authentically through each dish and you have a winning recipe. However, not every brand sees it that way.  “I find that we have the potential to lose money doing that. I’ve lost a few contracts or opportunities because I refuse to kowtow to some brand’s expectations. They essentially wanted me to dumb down a recipe to make it more palatable to America.  And you can’t take a recipe that is authentically Black or prepared in a certain way and change it because you don’t think your audience is going to accept it. You need to bring your audience to the cuisine and honor the cuisine,” shares Marta Rivera Diaz, chef and owner of Sense & Edibility.

How do food and politics intersect? Technology? What does the future of food look like? You’ll have to listen to hear how Eat the Culture collaborators bring it all together.

For more more information, visit Eat the Culture.  You can also follow them on Instagram and Facebook for future events and recipe celebrations.

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