Elite Travel Consultant Michael Henderson

Travel consultant Michael Henderson of B.A.G. Travel

Photo credit: B.A.G Travel

Michael Henderson is the founder of B.A.G. Travel or Black and Gay Travel that specializes in designing adventures for small groups to destinations around the world.

The “adventure designer,” began traveling more than 20 years ago, taking his first solo trip to Thailand.  After returning, he knew travel would be a way of life and over the years became a global citizen of the world, learning from each experience and people met along the way.

“Get out of your comfort zone, even if it’s even if it’s just spinning the globe around the little globe thing and then just pointing at it,” he says during the episode. “Get yourself passport it and go out there and explore.”

The California native has traveled to over 30 countries and has no plans of stopping there. As an elite travel consultant, he works with private clients as well as plans group trips that focus on creating a culture of inclusivity and adventure.

“Like people in my travel groups and my clients, I would say this. You’re a global citizen. You don’t have to feel confined.” He adds, “If there’s a place that you want to explore, or there’s a place that you think you can possibly live your best life and you have the means to go about an attempt. Drawing it, why not don’t believe in these?”

In the coming months, Michael will be taking groups to Puerto Vallarta for Pride as well as Thailand. Future trips on his radar as well as in the making include Greece, Toronto and Cambodia.

When asked about the impact of travel, he says, “To me, travel is one of life’s best teachers.”

Connect with Michael and B.A.G Travel online via the website as well as via Facebook and Instagram.

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