Cookbook Authors Vernita Moore and Beatrice Harris

Pictured: (L-R) Vernita Moore and Beatrice Harris | Photo credit: Pinch-Dash-Done

Friends since attending Praire View A & M in Texas, Vernita Moore and Beatrice Harris turned their 40-plus years of friendship into a business during the pandemic that brought classmates and others together over food.

When the COVID-19 pandemic paralyzed the world in 2020, Vernita had an idea to that time and play around in the kitchen. She began posting recipes on Facebook and when others began asking for the recipes, she partnered with longtime friend Beatrice to start a business and create a cookbook that not only transported you to parts of the world but also focused on health.

They released “Pinch-Dash-Done: A Gateway for Flavorful Recipes” months later and the same year, it was named one of Houston Chronicle’s Top 10 Cookbooks for 2020.

“Let’s share recipes over Facebook so that we could talk about something positive and take our minds off of this because you got to eat every day. So I want some alternative recipes for myself that I could try,” says Moore in the episode about what started it all. She adds, “The first book was more of an opportunity for us to share what we have learned in our travels and also from our background.”

Their second cookbook, “Pinch-Dash-Done: Make It Seasonal” will be available beginning April 6 and focuses on enhancing recipes and flavors with fruits and vegetables that are in season. With health still front and center, the book will show readers how to create even more delicious meals using citrus, spices and sweetener alternatives.

In addition to their cookbooks, their partnership with AARP continues to go strong. The friend duo offers free Zoom cooking classes on the third Tuesday of every month.

Follow Vernita and Beatrice’s journey on their website and also on Facebook and Instagram.

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