Entrepreneur and Author Agatha Achindu

Agatha Achindu, founder of Yummy Spoonfuls and author Bountiful Cooking
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Entrepreneur and Author Agatha Achindu

Agatha Achindu’s journey from Cameroon to America has come full circle as she releases her first cookbook, “Bountiful Cooking,” which celebrates the importance of fresh, healthy food instilled in her by her mother.

Looking back, Agatha fondly remembers growing up on her family’s farm. If you asked her back then, she may have told you she thought she had to be there a little too much.  Of course, the main thing we all want to do when we are young is run around and play with our friends.

But as a child, you can’t appreciate all you have until you’re older. Today, she says,     “Every time I am hanging out in my garden, I tell my husband I can just feel my other turning in her grave, ’Now look at this child, this is what she does now.’” 

Laughing, she knows that everything her mother did for her and her siblings and how they ate was definitely for their good and something she doesn’t take for granted now.

Agatha left Cameroon to hang out in France before making her way to Nova Scotia for school.  “So from Europe, I want to Canada. I went to school in Halifax, in Nova Scotia.  And that little place, even though it wasn’t Africa, but the community still reminded me of home.”

Studying to make her parents proud, communications was her academic discipline, a little different from the 9-year-old child who wanted to be a “cook” as she told her mom.

Finally, she made it to America, but little did she know she would be in for food culture shock. 

“I was so looking forward to coming to America. When I walked into the grocery store because it is so different from Halifax. Halifax was a small place and again, we had farms.  This is America and I am walking into the grocery store, and I remember asking my housemate in this store, ‘Where is the food?’ And she was shocked because of course she’s been here for a long time.”

As she navigated this new food culture, seeds planted in her began to grow more and more.  Never letting go of consuming fresh vegetables and meat, others soon took notice not just of what she was eating but the outer health benefits on her skin.

A successful career and marriage followed over the years and soon a new chapter where food would take center stage was introduced…motherhood.  As a busy mom wanting to make sure her child ate healthy food, the absence of baby food that didn’t have ingredients that kept it on the shelf for up to 3 years turned the concerned mom into an entrepreneur. 

Agatha founded Yummy Spoonfuls in 2006, and her award-winning baby food helped other parents put their babies’ health first. 

She is sharing all the details about growing a national baby food business, launching her own health coaching brand and her first cookbook, “Bountiful Cooking,” in this podcast episode. 

“Bountiful Cooking” is available at the Food Temptress Cookbook Store and on Amazon.

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