CLTRE | Vegan JNT Owner Luv Hankins

Photo credit: Jerry Martin, Jr.

CLTRE | Vegan JNT Owner Luv Hankins

For many, choosing to live a plant-based lifestyle is a very personal decision. For Luv Hankins, what began as a 30-day challenge, soon turned into a journey that connected her mind and body.

As the owner of CTLR. | Vegan JNT in Virginia Beach, Virginia, Luv is not only focusing on serving plant-based drinks and food bites, but also creating a welcoming vibe for the entire community that focuses on inclusion and creativity.

As a child, Luv loved breakfast and getting a little sip of coffee as a child and those memories are behind the inspiration for CLTRE. ” CLTRE is a vision that I had as a kid/teenager. It came in the form that I wanted to have a speakeasy-style joint where we could play music, there were performers, there were live artists. You can paint the whole experience. Really just an immersive, connected space where everybody from every different walk of life can come together and commune and love on each other and it’s a safe space, people can express themselves. I am mean it is just an immersive experience and I have always had this vision because growing up I always felt like an outsider. I always felt like I didn’t have a place where I belonged and I wanted those connections. I wanted to feel a part of the community.”

In this episode, she is sharing more of her vision and how she is creating the community she always wanted so that others who may feel the way she did know they are not alone and her community is their community.

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